Keiichi Yasu on the web


[2020/04/01] Promoted to a tenure lecturer at Tsukuba University of Technology.


[2019/12/30] Updated publications.


[2018/09/01] I have been a co-chair of
Joint Funding of Japan-Taiwan Research Cooperation in the field of “ICT for Care and Support of Elderly People in Hyper Aged Societies,” a collaboration research with Yi-Wen Liu (Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering National Tsing Hua University), Toshie Matsui (Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Techinology) and Hiroko Terasawa (Chair of this project, Assistant professor at Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science, University of Tsukuba).
[2018/04/01] I have received
JSPS KAKENHI grant (Kiban-C).


[2017/12/06] Updated
publication page.
[2017/12/06] New page:
Useful links for acoustics (in Japanese).
[2017/04/01] I started to work as Research Associate at Department of Industrial Information, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Tsukuba University of Technology (
English, Japanese).


[2016/12/02] I was invited to give a talk at the
5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan, Honolulu Hawaii.
[2016/11/14] I was presented poster at
Neuroscience 2016.
[2016/04/08] Updated design of website.


[2015/04/01] I have received
JSPS KAKENHI grant (Wakate-B).


[2014/09/01] I started to work as Research Fellow at Research Institute of National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (
English, Japanese).
[2014/06/02] Adding Research page and a new profile photo.
[2014/03/10] I attended to ASJ meeting and gave a presentation.


[2013/05/21] My paper was accepted to
INTERSPEECH2013 at Lyon, France. Thank you for reviewing.
[2013/04/01] I started to work as PD at Sophia University.
[2013/03/26] I received the Ph.D. degree, finally!
[2013/01/26] The defense for Ph.D. degree was finished. Thank you for your attendance.
[2012/10/01] My full paper was published at Journal of Acoustical Society of Japan, Vol. 68, No. 10, 501-512, 2012.
[2012/09/30] I received the Best Presentation Award from the Phonetic Society of Japan (PSJ).
[2012/03/10] I received the The Awaya Prize Young Researcher Award from the Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ).
[2011/03/10] I received the Student Award from the Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ).